From Assistant Prof Özge SEÇMELER and Yaşar SEVİMLİ


Dieting has also become a routine in this period when your inactivity is increasingly becoming the center of our lives. The body can suffer serious fluid losses from dietary mistakes, especially during this period when shock diets are popular.


Are such losses compensable? Indeed, you can create a healthy nutrition program to reach your ideal weight by consuming a balanced diet and drinking water rich in natural minerals.


During your meals, make sure to drink mineral water.


Mineral water can contain a wide variety of minerals each with a specific function in the human body. The mineral content of mineral water varies according to its source. Consequently, mineral waters have different effects on the body depending on the amount of minerals they contain. Calcium-rich mineral waters are beneficial for bone health, while magnesium-rich mineral waters are more beneficial for digestion and metabolism. It is observed that mineral waters rich in magnesium, potassium, and sodium minerals are more effective in treating cardiovascular diseases.

The reason of the mineral water essential for diet lists:


As health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity are on the rise in our country, efforts are being made to increase public awareness regarding healthy nutrition. However, lifestyle plays a critical role in determining the habits of consumers. Consumers generally eat foods with high sugar and fat content in their daily lives because they are fast or economical. Especially when consumed along with such meals, mineral water is a much healthier alternative and can be an essential diet supporter. The reasons are:


  • Due to its high mineral content, it is an important and regular source of minerals in the diet.
  • When you consume mineral water, your body's mineral absorption is much higher than other foods.
  • Since it is calorie-free, you do not gain weight while taking minerals.
  • Since it replaces the missing minerals in your body, it prevents you from experiencing health problems due to the lack of minerals.
  • If you exercise regularly along with diet, it helps you to replace the body minerals lost during exercise.
  • It helps you digest food and feel full for a long time.
  • It prevents you from having constipation problems while dieting.
  • It suppresses your feeling of hunger after meals.
  • While meeting your water needs, it also eliminates your mineral deficiencies.
  • It prevents the sweet cravings that come in the late hours.
  • When consumed regularly, it makes your metabolism work much more efficiently.
  • Regular consumption reduces edema and prevents its formation.
  • When combined with green tea, it burns fat and supports your metabolism as a powerful antioxidant.

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