From Assistant Prof Özge SEÇMELER and Yaşar SEVİMLİ


Offering a rich and delicious taste with its natural minerals, mineral water is also a candidate to be your biggest assistant in the kitchen to make a delicious touch to your table. How's that? You can achieve much more successful results by adding a new touch of mineral water to the flavors you will prepare.


For much more delicious breads...


With the mineral water that you will add to the bread, cake, pastry or pastry dough you prepare, you can meet it with a much more fluffy or crispy taste. The mineral water, which is the natural mineral water, gives the form of gluten in the flour and allows the yeast to grow and accelerates the fermentation by softening the dough. Thus, you can reach a much faster fermented, soft, swollen and crunchy taste.


Marinate the meat with mineral water to cook delicious meat!


Meat-softening substances are protein-digestive (protease) enzymes derived from plants such as laurel leaf, papaya, pineapple, fig, kiwi and ginger. It can be found to be diluted with salt and sugar in purified powder as well as in fruits or leaves. This enzyme moves slowly at refrigerator or room temperature and five times faster between 60-70 °C, so almost all softening occurs during cooking. Since it penetrates more slowly than acids, it can be injected into the inner parts and dispersed. Mineral water increases the pH value of the meat, making these enzymes more active and creating a much softer tissue. This ensures that the water in the meat is retained and thus remains more watery.

Add mineral water to the water you have kept before cooking the legumes!


In order to ensure that dry and hard vegetable foods such as dried beans, chickpeas and lentils are cooked much faster without losing their flavor, the water lost while drying should be replaced. For this, the legumes are soaked in warm water before cooking. You can also reduce some of the excess sugar in the legumes. If this holding water is calcareous, calcium acts as a cement between the pectin molecules in the plant cell walls, hardening them instead of encouraging softening and preventing them from cooking. When the water is calcareous, you can add mineral water to the water you put the legumes in so that the legumes soften much faster and cook easily. When the legumes you keep waiting by adding mineral water are cooked, you will notice that the factors causing bloating in the stomach begin to decrease.


When cooking green vegetables, add mineral water to the cooking water!


Chlorophyll, which gives color to green vegetables, undergoes many color changes from bright green to dull olive green or olive yellow at high temperatures. This situation, which is perceived as a loss of quality when viewed from the outside, is actually caused by the acidic environment caused by the effect of hot water during cooking. The amount of these losses depends on the cooking time, so green vegetables should be cooked in less than 7 minutes. When cooking these vegetables, if mineral water is added to the cooking water, pH will be balanced to obtain a brighter green color but a softer texture.


In our book ‘Miracle Drink Mineral Water’, it is compiled from the work ‘Use and Chemistry of Mineral Water in Kitchens’ by Assistant Prof Özge Seçme and Yaşar Sevimli.

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