From Canan Yağmur KARAKAŞ and Associate Prof Ayşe KARADAĞ


Our skin is the area that gives the most comfortable information about our general health status. Changes in the skin may be a symptom of many health problems and mineral deficiencies that cause these problems. So are you ready to learn the magic change that will occur in our skin when we include mineral water in our daily life, which contains the minerals that our skin needs the most?


Magnesium: Studies have shown that adequate magnesium intake regenerates the cells in the skin and accelerates wound healing. Especially in the study on psoriasis, it was found that magnesium chloride and magnesium bromide had an effect on supporting the development of such cells and this effect was significantly higher compared to potassium salts and sodium chloride. Similarly, in another study conducted on individuals with atopic dry skin, dehydration, dry skin, roughness and redness on the skin surface were observed before the study; At the end of 6 weeks, significant improvement was observed in the skin's barrier function, skin moisture, redness and roughness decreased.


Iodine: All spring waters contain a certain proportion of iodine, and it is known that thyroid diseases are less common in people who consume iodine-containing mineral waters since the Middle Ages. Iodine is used as an active dermal agent in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, the immune system and infectious diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, syphilis, and skin tuberculosis. Iodine-containing ointments, creams and wound dressings are used to prevent the entry of pathogens into the wound, provide protection against cross-infection, and prevent the spread of regional infections, thereby preventing the prolongation of the wound healing process.

Calcium:Skin aging, thinning of the top layer of the skin, loss of elasticity, increased dullness and discoloration of the skin due to the decrease in melanocyte cells that give the skin its color are associated with the decreasing barrier feature. During aging, the pH value of the top layer of the skin increases (~5 to 5.5-6), while the calcium content decreases. Calcium is found at the lowest level in the top layer of the skin and at the maximum level in the innermost layer. Keratin, the protein that forms the main component in the skin, hair and nails, needs calcium while meeting the needs of the skin tissue. If there is not enough calcium, skin aging accelerates. Minerals such as calcium and sulfate found in mineral waters help the skin to take the calcium it needs in a healthy way.


Selenium: It is a trace mineral required for normal cell metabolism and has a protective effect on human cells. Selenium plays an important role in maintaining cell integrity and neutralizing free radicals and toxic organic peroxides in cells and tissues. Due to this feature, it is important in terms of delaying the aging process of the body. Recent studies have proven that selenium is used as a supportive treatment method in dermatological disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and burns and that it is protective against the aging effects of sunlight due to its antioxidant properties. Studies conducted with selenium-rich mineral water have shown the antioxidant effect of this water on human skin connective tissue cells.

Carbonate ion: Mineral spring waters rich in carbonate ion are useful in the treatment of wounds such as open wound healing effect and skin ulcers.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): This surfactant, which is frequently used in skin cleansing products, can cause skin irritation in sensitive skin and/or in uses that allow prolonged contact.


Silicate: In a study, it was observed that mineral water rich in silicate could reduce allergies in atopic patients.


In our book ‘Miracle Drink Mineral Water’, this is compiled from the work 'Cosmetic Applications of Mineral Waters‘ by Associate Prof. Ayşe Karadağ and Canan Yağmur Karakaş.

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From Canan Yağmur KARAKAŞ and Associate Prof Ayşe KARADAĞ

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