From Prof. Dr. Esra Çapanoğlu, Beyza Vahapoğlu and Senem Kamiloğlu


It is possible to have a healthy digestive system with natural mineral waters and to be much stronger against diseases related to the digestive system...


Get support from mineral water to eliminate mineral deficiency!

The digestive system covers the organs involved in the process of breaking down the food taken by the mouth and removing the excess food from the body. Stomach disorders such as gastritis, reflux, ulcer associated with these organs; diseases such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and small and large intestinal cancers are diseases caused by the digestive system. At the same time, the digestive system is responsible for the digestion of the foods taken into the body. Stomach and intestinal system diseases such as indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea and constipation are diseases that frequently occur today and reduce the quality of life by adversely affecting people's daily lives. Many of these disorders can be prevented by a regular diet. Water, on the other hand, provides a high amount of absorption of minerals thanks to its simple structure. For this reason, mineral water consumption is an important supplement in meeting the mineral requirement that is inadequate in food intake.


Did you know that mineral water benefits the digestive system?


Balances stomach acid

The positive effects of bicarbonate on the digestive system have been known for years. Due to the basic effect of bicarbonate, such mineral waters have been shown to have functions that balance stomach acid in stomach diseases with excess acid and regulate sugar metabolism in diabetes. The value considered to be rich in bicarbonate in mineral waters is 600 mg/l and our country's mineral waters are very rich in bicarbonate.

It is a good alternative to relieve indigestion

Mineral water consumption rich in hydrogen carbonate significantly reduces heartburn, vomiting and indigestion. Regular mineral water consumption supports the improvement of indigestion symptoms.


Prevents you from experiencing constipation problems

Constipation can be seen in individuals of all ages due to nutritional disorders, inactivity, and stress. Constipation can adversely affect a person's daily life and cause disorders such as hemorrhoids, intestinal ballooning, and colon cancer in the future. Magnesium mineral increases the amount of water in the intestine and facilitates bowel movements. Studies to date have shown that mineral water can be consumed as a natural magnesium supplement for constipation. Since the drinking of mineral waters with high sulfate content has an effect that increases bowel movements, it gives positive results in preventing constipation.


It supports your digestive system by increasing bile production.

The effects of gallbladder activator and gallbladder production enhancer are also one of the positive effects on the digestive system. The sulphates in its content contain catalysts to produce digestive enzymes in the pancreas. These digestive enzymes help to eliminate problems such as bloating and constipation.


Helps children have a healthy digestive system

In line with the recommendations of national pediatric nutrition committees in Europe, mineral waters with appropriate mineral content are recommended for use in the preparation of infant formulae. Especially European countries such as Germany and Switzerland have emphasized this issue with sensitivity. Studies have shown that when inappropriate choices are made in infants who are fed tap water, bottled water, mineral water and mainly cow's milk, insufficient mineral and trace intake occurs. In addition, it has been shown that children who regularly consume mineral water since childhood have a much healthier digestive system and experience less gastrointestinal problems in the future.


In our book ‘Miracle Drink Mineral Water’, it is compiled from the work ‘Effects of Mineral Water on Health’ by Prof. Dr. Esra Çapanoğlu, Beyza Vahapoğlu and Senem Kamiloğlu.

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