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One of the most important periods of human life, childhood is the period when development and growth are the fastest and nutritional behaviors that will last a lifetime are shaped. The right or wrong behaviors to be done in this period affect the whole process of your child's development. For this reason, it is very important to include healthy eating in your child's life.


Mineral water is rich in minerals in the basic food group


Children, who constitute the most valuable part of the society and are in a continuous development process, are the group that has the most problems with nutritional deficiencies, and malnutrition rituals learned in childhood constitute the main risk factors for diseases such as high blood pressure, stomach diseases, heart diseases and obesity. The nutrients in our meals for a balanced and adequate diet consist mainly of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and water.

It's time to make room for mineral water in children's nutrition!


Since mineral water is a carbonated drink, it is common to have a false opinion that it is harmful to children's health. However, mineral water is mineral water extracted from natural sources that contains many useful minerals and trace elements. With its high and precious mineral content, mineral water is beneficial for people of all ages, especially children. It is important to take at least 1-2 glasses of daily water consumption as mineral water. You can add mineral water to the drinks prepared for children to increase the daily consumption of mineral water. It is especially important that the mineral water to be included in the nutrition of children is prepared in accordance with the regulations; it has a balanced mineral content, has a high total mineral content and/or magnesium-rich mineral waters. The most common minerals in mineral waters are magnesium, calcium, sodium and bicarbonate. As the need for these minerals exists in all stages of life, childhood, where growth-development is the fastest, gains more importance in the youth period. Especially in children, it is very rich in calcium, which is required for the protection of rapidly developing bone and dental health.

Mineral water opens the door to healthy eating!


Mineral water is not harmful to the stomach and also contains minerals that help it to have a balanced body weight for children. In line with the recommendations of national pediatric nutrition committees in Europe, mineral waters with appropriate mineral content are recommended to be used when preparing baby formulae. European countries such as Germany and Switzerland are particularly sensitive to this issue. In the studies conducted, it has been determined that insufficient mineral and trace intake occurs when inappropriate choices are made in infants who are fed tap water, bottled water, mineral water and predominantly cow milk. In many other studies, it has been observed that children who consume mineral water regularly have a much healthier digestive system and experience less gastrointestinal problems in the future as a result of the contribution of the contents of drinking water used since childhood to the preservation of the acid-base balance of the body. In addition, thanks to the valuable minerals obtained as a result of the consumption of mineral waters, it has been revealed that vitamins are used more effectively by increasing body absorption.


In our book ‘Miracle Beverage Mineral Water’, it was compiled from the study titled ‘The Importance of Mineral Water in Child Nutrition’ prepared by Pediatrician Dr. Dilek Çoban.

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