From Canan Yağmur KARAKAŞ and Associate Prof Ayşe KARADAĞ


The positive effects of mineral waters on our lives not only support our nutrition; they can also turn into a risk-free and fast-response natural care product for the skin with the natural minerals they contain.


Do you know how mineral water is used in cosmetic products?


As a Natural Touch to Delay Aging Effects...


  • It can be treated with water and added to the cosmetic product formulation.
  • In order to restore the mineral content of the skin and reduce the effects of aging, much more successful results can be obtained when the water in the cosmetic product is replaced with mineral water containing iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, silicon and selenium in determined proportions.
  • Calcium, magnesium, iron and trace amounts of zinc, manganese, germanium, sulfur, silicon and lithium, which are components that perfectly show the effect of increasing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin elasticity and collagen synthesis, are the substances found in mineral waters.

As a Supplement to Reduce Skin Irritation…


  • If active compounds that can cause skin irritation and have a keratolytic effect on the skin's keratin level are used in cosmetic products, these side effects can be reduced by adding mineral water (at least 400 mg/l) to the product content.
  • Cosmetic products that use mineral waters that do not contain sulfur in whole or in part include oxidative stress on the skin and regulatory action that protects against irritation of human skin fibroblast cells.
  • Mineral water is used in lotions and creams as it reduces the possibility of irritation of the under eye tissue, which is much more sensitive to cosmetic products, with the help of the minerals it contains.

To Support Its Naturalness While Reducing the Side Effect of Cosmetic Products...


  • In cosmetic product formulas, when soluble organic compounds and mineral water are added to the cosmetic product by at least 75%, it can be ensured that the skin absorbs better.
  • Cosmetic creams are generally in the form of emulsions, and surfactants called surfactants are needed to produce the emulsion, i.e. to combine oil and water phases. In recent years, the use of synthetic surfactants has been tried to be reduced. In this process, mineral waters are the right choice as a natural surfactant.


To make the skin breathe naturally...


    • Cosmetic products with mineral water content allow the skin to breathe with the feature of not damaging the keratin needed by the skin.
    • Waters containing minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, magnesium are made useful for the skin by chelating and used in the ingredients of cosmetic products.


In our book called ’Mucize Beverage Mineral Water’, it was compiled from the study titled ‘Cosmetic Applications of Mineral Waters’ prepared by Associate Prof. Ayşe Karadağ and Canan Yağmur Karakaş

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From Canan Yağmur KARAKAŞ and Associate Prof Ayşe KARADAĞ

A Magical and Natural Touch to Your Skin